How to care for a mexican heather plant

How to care for a mexican heather plant

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How to care for a mexican heather plant

Mexican heather is one of the best flowering plants you can grow in a hanging basket. It is easy to grow and will provide a wide variety of blooms throughout the summer months. The Mexican heather comes in a variety of colors, including a pale pink flower called Pink Pixie and the red and yellow bloom Maricela. Mexican heather is hardy to zone 7, meaning it can withstand frost. To care for Mexican heather, you will want to provide it with adequate water and sun and use a hanging basket specifically designed for flowering plants. Let’s take a look at some care tips and keep your Mexican heather looking its best.

How to care for Mexican heather

Hanging Baskets

The best type of hanging basket for Mexican heather is called the "rocker bottom basket," which is a basket that has a lower bowl than the main basket to create the effect of rockers. This type of hanging basket is often designed for taller plants, but a Mexican heather plant can fit into a basket that is only 3 inches tall.

Soak the container for Mexican heather daily, allowing it to soak for at least 30 minutes, which will allow the bottom of the container to "sweat" and prevent algae buildup. If the container has drainage holes in the bottom, you can cover them with a plastic bag until you add water to the container.


Water your Mexican heather regularly and check the soil's level, keeping it moist but not wet. If you live in a zone that receives frost, you will want to fertilize the Mexican heather every week or two, but don't fertilize it when it is in a dry period. Your plant will benefit from fertilization during the cooler months.


Mexican heather loves sunlight, so your plant will benefit from daily watering and exposure to the sun for about three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon, and three hours in the evening. If the leaves of your Mexican heather appear a little brown or yellow, check the water levels and soil drainage. If you need to water more often, then it means that your Mexican heather has not gotten enough sun.


Mexican heather has great success with fertilizer, but not when it is in a dry period. Fertilize your Mexican heather with a half-strength fertilizer during the cool months. The fertilizer will grow roots and leave the fertilizer in the soil for the next growing season. The fertilizer will also add nutrients to your heather, so you will benefit even if you have to water your plant less frequently.

The soil of Mexico seems to love your heather plant. However, if your heather is in a colder, less sunny location, the soil might not be as warm. If you are only able to get three hours of sun a day, your heather will have a hard time with the cold climate.

You should give Mexican heather a good-size pot and add some gravel to the bottom to help with drainage. The pot should be at least 10 to 12 inches wide and 20 inches deep, and you might want to plant the plant somewhere away from the sides of your garden. You might want to take the whole plant out of the pot in the fall, and then transplant it back into the ground in the spring.

Your heather will give you a big, beautiful display all summer long.

How to Plant Your Mexican Heather

Mexican heather is a very easy plant to grow. It is a perennial that will return to the same spot each year. To plant, simply take a shovel or garden fork, dig the hole, and place your Mexican heather in the ground. Use your garden hose to water the plant, and you will enjoy a display of colorful flowers for the next season. You can plant your Mexican heather in the spring or fall.

You can also get some great heather plants to grow in your own garden. Check out these easy-to-grow heather plants.

Tips for Keeping Mexican Heather Healthy

You can improve your plant’s health in two ways. The first way is to check on the leaves frequently. If the leaves look droopy and dark in color, you can use your fingers to gently pull off a leaf to give the plant a little water. However, make sure you aren’t pulling it off the stems. If you don’t pull off the leaf, the leaf will wither and die.

The second way you can help your plant stay healthy is to provide it with a bit of sunlight. Your Mexican heather might need at least six hours of direct sunlight to make it happy. The soil should be rich and fertile, as this is one of the reasons why the Mexican heather blooms well.

To increase your plant’s success rate, cut the stems back to the ground in late spring, and remove any dead flowers.Po to, kai jūsų viržiai pražydo, rudenį gali tekti juos vėl nupjauti, nes tada augalas nustoja veikti ir kitais metais pradeda augti.

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